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Conference sponsors:

LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce by connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn has more than 546 million members and 18M companies represented in over 200 countries and territories.

Over the last few years, the recruitment industry has been adapting to increasingly complex challenges when it comes to attracting and placing talent. As the market becomes noisier LinkedIn believes the next wave of recruiting lies in the use of data-driven insights to power talent decisions. This is the era of talent intelligence.

Within the coming decade, LinkedIn believes that great recruiting teams and companies will win based on two key capabilities. First, they will have excellent recruiters with instincts to find, assess, and source exceptional candidates. Second, they will empower recruiters, and their leadership, with exceptional data and insights to reinvent and rethink every step in the process.

LinkedIn believes that their data as well as their machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities will provide recruiters with the insights they need to focus on the right people, whilst also giving recruitment leaders the insights they need to make critical strategy decisions. Come and speak to us at the conference to find out more.

Visit us at www.linkedin.com

Coffreo, a French company created in 2007, provides innovative software solutions for Temporary Agencies while reducing the daily friction of getting a job for the Temporary Worker. Coffreo is the Digital Partner of the network of agencies wanting to focus on the key differentiators of their proximity, their sourcing knowhow and knowledge of the local staffing customers.

They benefit of a unique digital experience for their Workers that answers to their operational, productivity and legal needs.

Coffreo is the market leader in providing digital work contracts with more than 500 000 contracts signed electronically every month and over 1 000 000 Workers served.

Visit us online at: http://www.coffreo.biz/en-en

Social Talent

SocialTalent is a SaaS company offering a complete learning technology solution to recruitment teams all over the world. The SocialTalent platform combines analytics, expert content, nudges and reward software, enabling managers to measure, learn and reward teams’ learning and work behaviours, whilst having the ability to measure the Return on Learning (ROL).

Visit us online at: www.socialtalent.com

A single, easy-to-use and cloud-based solution for managing the temporary workforce.

PIXID provides Europe’s leading online solution for the temporary staffing industry. Connecting 7000 recruitment agencies and more than 100 000 client locations, PIXID will transform the way you communicate, manage assignments and deliver results for your business.

PIXID is all about:

  • Connecting people – Achieve seamless communication with your customers and candidates in ways that build loyalty and add value to your existing systems
  • Controlling process – Achieve transparency through traceability and tracking of all documents
  • Ensuring compliance – Benefit from a platform with controls and alerts to help you meet your data protection and other legal obligations

Visit us online: www.mypixid.com

Contracting Plus

Contracting PLUS are a thriving and ambitious, technology enabled, international professional services company, on a strong growth path.

Our mission is to supply all of the accounting and advisory financial services that Independent Professional Contractors ( iPros) complete support on everything from legal structure, contract review, administration, accounting tax advice and wealth management.

Our core clients are skilled independent professionals (iPros) working in the IT, pharma, engineering sectors. The strong growth in the iPro segment has been a feature of the evolution of labour forces internationally over the past 10 years, as these skilled professionals seek more control over when, where, and how they provide their professional services.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises internationally. We work in partnership with 120+ Irish Talent Management Solution providers to help them start, grow, innovate and expand globally. Ireland’s unique position as a strategic hub for global employers has led to the development of a centre of excellence for Talent Management solutions. Across 33 international offices, Enterprise Ireland work closely with global companies to help source their Irish Advantage by identifying innovative Irish companies who can provide Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, Professional Learning, Performance Management, and Workplace Recognition solutions to meet their needs.


Erecruit empowers people to achieve exceptional results through the most comprehensive end-to-end staffing software solutions including:

  • Adapt, previously known as Bond AdaptUX, provides the ultimate user experience to maximize business performance for fast-growing firms, helping you make more placements and manage the entire recruitment cycle. SaaS that brings together a powerful CRM, searching, sourcing and business intelligence.
  • TempBuddy enables you to get your best workers to the right place at the right time, paid promptly and accurately. Our award-winning temporary workforce platform and app revolutionises the entire process by integrating real-time availability, scheduling, deployment, time capture, pay and bill and compliance.

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Sponsorship opportunities:

For information regarding sponsorship opportunities for the WEC Conference 2018, please contact:
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